Psycho Killaz

For 20 + years, Psycho Killaz has remained one of the freshest, most innovative voices in the Ft Walton Beach, Fl area. Krazee and Murda use their horror-core influences to not just the craft their lyrics, but shape their stories into art that tells stories of who they are and where they are from. It’s a skill that puts them in league not just with rappers like Twiztid and N.W.A. but filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino and John Singleton.

A lot of it comes from real life experiences. Some of it is mixed with comic books and horror movies. Krazee says, “As an artist, if you’re painting pictures, you don’t want to make the paint the same image over and over again, and that’s where it gets to be fun to create new stories to do new things that ultimately your character wouldn’t do.”

Krazee and Murda 1 were both born on March 10th, 1985. They met at a young age and instantly starting to get into trouble. Both of them seemed to have a musical talent that they wished to pursue. In 2004 they created what is now known as Psycho Killaz. In the past 20 years since PK has started, they have released 6 albums, have been featured on dozens of mix tapes, have played 100’s of shows nationwide and have gained the respect of their fans everywhere.

Pscyho Killaz has recently shifted towards adding live instruments to their sets to sonically enhance their lives events. Recent additions to Psycho Killaz has been Endustrie on samples and guitars, Jason Adams on bass, and Tev-oh on drums.